Musicians’ and Performing Arts Clinic

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The Musicians’ & Performing Arts Clinic brought to you by The provides highly specialised evaluation and care for musicians, dancers and other disciplines.

Demands placed on musicians and performers are often greater than those involved in sport.  Relentless practice, strenuous rehearsal schedules and long demanding performances can soon take their toll on the joints and soft tissues of the body, resulting in overuse injury, nerve entrapment, soft tissue and degenerative conditions.

Maureen Flett is qualified Sports Therapist and biomechanics specialist who has been treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for more than 12 years.

The repetitive nature and arduous training similarities faced by performers and sports people, means that a large number of her patients are instrumental musicians, dancers and actors.

When medication and brief rest are not enough to solve a problem, the need for rapid diagnosis and specialised treatment is vital.

All patients will undergo a detailed evaluation and assessment of their condition and where necessary we may use video imaging.

Whilst a focus is placed on hands on manual therapies, our clinic also has a wide range of electrotherapy treatment and diagnostic equipment.

Our clinic is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, with ample free parking suitable for large tour vehicles.

We are only five minutes away from junction 43 of the M6.