Common Injuries & Conditions in Performance Arts

The myriad of injuries and conditions treated at our Performing Arts Clinic that can affect musicians and performers is vast but there a number of them which crop up repeatedly.

We have detailed some of the more common problems that we see and whilst they must never replace a formal diagnosis by a medical professional, they give an insight into symptoms, causes and treatment.

(These will gradually be broken out into individual detailed articles)
Back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cervical nerve entrapment – Compression or impingement of the nerves from the neck
Epicondylitis (Tennis / Golfer’s elbow)
Focal dystonia – involuntary muscle spasms and contractions in a specific area of the body
Neck and shoulder pain
Overuse injury (Repetitive Strain Injury or Regional Pain Syndrome)
Strains and sprains
Stress fracture – Common in younger and older dancers
Thoracic outlet syndrome – compression of the blood vessels / nerves near the collar bone
Ulnar nerve entrapment – compression of the ulnar nerve near the elbow