Actors / Stunt injuries

Actors are increasingly required to dance, perform stunts, learn martial arts routines or choreographed fight sequences and there are times when these can result in pain and injury.

High definition cameras with close up shots in amongst the action, means that it becomes increasingly harder to hide stunt doubles.  Actors are going that extra mile to “make it real” for ever demanding audiences.

Stunt Doubles

Actors regularly perform their own stunts

Actors regularly perform their own stunts

It goes without saying that if the actor is not taking the risk, then somebody else is.

The stunt double is a very important, valuable and skilled person, somebody who is prepared to risk his or her neck and take “the fall” for another to take the glory.

On stage

Actors on stage are just as susceptible to injury.  Whilst they may not be performing complex stunts with cars and motor cycles, a fall, misjudged timing or tripping over props and costumes are commonplace.

Although a West End musical is probably not quite as demanding as the lead roll in the latest Hollywood James Bond blockbuster,  actor’s and stunt performer’s injuries tend to be trauma related, involving sprains, strains, fractures and dislocations.

Whilst trained instructors, stunt doubles and special effects can limit the risk, there are times when injury strikes.

The Sportsphysio Performing Arts Clinic has a range of diagnostic facilities and treatment modalities to ensure return to stage or behind the camera as quickly as possible.

Where necessary we also have access to some state of the art bracing and supports from Ossur, a leading manufacturer in orthopedic bracing and prosthetics.